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Tempered Ramblings by ID Services PCA's 4-13-24

To all of our valued PCA Clients and Farmer Friends, 

I feel like I've been walking uphill on a large sand dune. The prolonged cool moist Spring has brought its challenges. First among them is patience. We were holding the next round of fungicides until temperatures are above 70. The longer we waited, the chance for a single NOW, mite, scab, rust, and Alternaria spray improves. This timing is determined by traps and the calendar for scab. 

Mites and plant bugs are down. The Navel Orangeworm adults caught so far look large and strong. There is significant egg predation on the egg traps. 

Once we've had two warm weeks in a row, we can leaf test in the almonds and grapes. Early tests this year have shown excessive nutrient levels which may be due to rain induced nutrition or just plain undeveloped tissue. 

The weed tissue is soft which is allowing for good weed spray results. Rates can be reduced on contact herbicides. The second half of the soil persistent herbicides should be applied soon. 

Plant parasitic nematode levels overall have reduced. The cool moist soil temperatures have not been conducive to rapid increases in plant parasitic nematodes. On the other hand, beneficial (BF + FF) nematode levels have increased as a result of increased bacterial and microbial foods. 

The second half of split compost Gypsum applications should be applied soon. 

If you have any concerns or questions please call. 

Due to the haywire weather forecasts we have moved up all the almond, pistachio, and grape sprays. 


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