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Spring Onions

About Us

ID Services, LLC was created over 40 years ago by Alan and Robin Butterfield. They had a dream to farm and create a laboratory to help other farmers and that is what they did. Alan and Robin both, to this day, still work in the business to help provide efficient and high quality laboratory results to some of the largest farming corporations in the central valley as well as our local neighboring farmers. 

Our Story

Alan graduated from UC Davis with a BS in Entomology. He then went on to receive a Masters in Business and attend Clemson University Nematode Identification Class as well as obtain his PCA and CCA license. Robin graduated Cal Poly University with a BS is Crop Science/Agronomy and went on to start Mrs. Butterfield's Cherries. Robin ran a very successful cherry operation, while helping Alan build ID Services. To this day, she continues to work as a cherry consultant. 

    Together, the two of them have farmed wheat, oats, alfalfa, and sweet cherries. Their education combined with a vast personal farming background gives them a unique farmers perspective. This perspective leads to the ID Services, LLC mission which is providing growers with safe, effective, and cost efficient results and advise.

    By choosing to use ID Services, LLC for all your Agricultural Pest Control Advising and Nematode Identification needs you will have access to all the knowledge, experience, and education that Alan and Robin can give.

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