Alan Butterfield

Alan Butterfield


Alan Butterfield is ID Services's founder/owner. He is actively involved in all aspects of the business from pest control advising to  soil sampling and everything in between. He is continuously looking for new ways to help our customers be more profitable. 


Daniel Husby


Daniel is ID Services's full time insect trapper/field scounting PCA. He also works in the laboratory and helps with soil smapling when our customers need  answers ASAP.


Aubryn Husby 

HR/Office Mamanger

Aubryn is Alan and Robins daughter and grew up in the business. She has worked in every aspect of the business from the ground up. She is curently running the office and studying to become a nematologist.


Moises Fuentes

Lead Soil Sampler 

Moises has been working with ID Services for 10 years. He  is our full time soil smapler and knows how to take a variety of samples from nematode to disease, fertility, and water samples. He  is also trained and certified to work with acid tanks. 


Michael Lockridge 

Lead Laboratory Technician 

Michael is ID Services' Lead  lab tech. He has been working with ID Sevices for 5 years. If there are nematodes in the soil, he will find them. He also helps out with soil sampling, honey bee analysis, and in the office when needed.