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Tempered Rambling by ID Services PCA's 6-1-22

To our valued almond and pistachio growers,

A beautiful spring has allowed the almonds to set and size well. An off year in pistachios is showing in the crop size. The pistachio nuts are bigger than normal.

A friend of mine stopped by and showed me a scary picture of Kangaroo Rat damage to almond replants. Every inch of the trunk inside the carton was eaten. Please check all the trees with cartons. Place rat poison inside or remove the carton.

The primary reason for cartons is sunburn and herbicide protection. Secondary is rabbit protection. Cartons should be removed as soon as possible after year one's sun season is over. Roundup and Gamoxone can damage green wood. Once the wood is woody the threat diminishes.

There was an excellent UC study that demonstrated heightened sensitivity to herbicides for 45 days after the cartons were removed! Another reason to remove the cartons and allow the wood to harden.

Now is the time to consider early purchasing hull split materials. (The below listed materials are NOT a PCA RECOMMENDATION. They are simply a heads up for upcoming material purchases.) DO NOT USE A PCA RECOMMENDATION. If you would like to talk to a PCA and discuss recommendations please call our office at (661) 792-2051.

Spray 1: Late June-early July

We will recommend Altacor 4.5 oz/acre plus either Zeal 3oz/acre or Banter 24 oz/acre as the miticide.

Spray 2: 14-21 days after 1st spray

We will recommend Intrepid 2F 24 oz/acre plus BoronXtra 6 oz/acre.

Spray 3: 14-21 days after 2nd spray for late season varieties

We will recommend Sequoia 5.7 oz/acre.

Pistachios will use sprays 1 and 2 with sulfur as the miticide and an imidacloprid for the mealybug.

Mites have been quite a surprise late this spring. Using broad spectrum insecticides for plant bugs is really harming the almond mite predators.

Hope you all have a great start to the summer.

Alan and Robin; Daniel and Aubryn at ID Services LLC

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