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Tempered Ramblings by ID Services PCA's

Almonds- 2 + inches of rain over a 3-day period leads to leaf disease concerns. We were seeing early rust symptoms (leaf whitening on underside) in spotty areas. With good dry weather ahead, as Shakespeare would say "To spray or not to spray that is the question."

Today we will venture into the blocks and try to hear what the trees tell us.

We are blasting Plant Bugs on a treat as seen basis, minimizing treated areas. Shoot first and don't look back, when it comes to Plant Bugs...

Pistachios- Applying the 2nd half of the Botrytis spray as fields dry, including seaweed to facilitate larger nuts. We recommend AfriKelp, contact Alan Butterfield (661) 978-8290 for more information or click on the link below.

Grapes-Dusting some areas with copper sulfur by air, by grower’s request. Leaf out, shoot extension and crop ranges more by variety than in years past. We need to research temperatures in the 33-36 degree range and their effects upon bud break, especially late varieties.

We will be using Abound type products in our next sprays. AfriKelp will be included to stretch bunches.

Nursery- Sales are driving the motor. With sheltering in place, people want to improve their yards, but are concerned about money. We are protecting and growing the plants as best as possible. Cool weather diseases on sensitive varieties are becoming an issue. We have to be careful not to apply too many fungicides which can cause phytotoxicity.

Nutrition- We are preparing for the almond leaf sampling. April Nitrogen levels can be used to predict July levels. If April shows July to be sufficient the Nitrogen applications can be stopped.

We are letting the nutrient levels stabilize in the leaves, due to the rains, before sampling. Project to start sampling 4/20. Our long-term growers have 5-year nutrient level graphs. These graphs are an excellent tool to see if you are gaining or losing and where to make adjustments.

Nematodes- Late April is the timing for Velum applications to trees. Research done by Riverside Nematologists demonstrate adding Nutrien's WaterMax to Velum improves performance.

Root Knot nematodes becoming active. 55-28 degree soil temperatures allow infestations to occur.

A lot of clean fields stay clean by good management!

Insect Traps- Biofix except for VMB (Vinemealy bug) has been set in all our blocks. Biofix will be used in grapes to treat OLR (Omnivorous leaf roller) 1st generation.

Biofix in almonds drives the summer models at hull split and anticipated harvest damage avoidance date.

Hopefully, the projected dry weather ahead will calm diseases.

Thank you, Lord, for the rain.


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