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Alan Butterfield and Aubryn Husby identify and make the counts of the plant parasitic nematodes to genus and the beneficial nematodes in the soil. Proprietary extraction techniques are utilized for each soil tested. Years of experience, research, and education are utilized to present to growers the best options to manage plant parasitic nematodes.

Pest Control Advising

ID Services utilizes Integrated Pest Management strategies on all types of Southern San Joaquin Valley agricultural crops, nurseries, and green houses. Our field crew traps insects, scouts fields, writes recommendations and interfaces with growers and their personnel. Safety first, to people and their plants is our motto.  
ID Services offers high definition aerial field scouting and mapping. This technology offers growers increased situational awareness in their fields.

Bee Analysis

Testing Honey Bees for Tracheal, Varroa mites, and Nosema disease allows beekeepers to keep their hives healthy. ID Services works with beekeepers to implement integrated bee pest management principles. 


ID Services retails insect trapping supplies and specialty agricultural chemicals. Recently, sales of organic chemicals have increased. To use organic chemicals effectively requires years of Integrated Pest Management experience, which we can provide. 


ID Services, LLC conducts field sampling for nutrients and salts, including submittal of samples to the customers preferred soil laboratory. Leaf and petiole samples may also be taken. ID Services interprets all resulting numbers and will recommend types and amounts of fertilizers for maximum crop response. Five year field histories of leaf sampling results can be generated. 

Water Analysis

Agricultural water test results are interpreted for best crop responses. Pounds of minerals, nutrients, salts per acre are given. Sulfuric/Sulfurus acid and gypsum amounts per acre foot are also recommended. 

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