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ID Services Featured  Pest Control Advising Client/Grower:

Snell Partnership

Premier Local Grower

David is a local farmer that decided to branch out from the family farming tradition and add intensive, high density, small acreage raisin grapes to the Snell Partnership portfolio. 

Sun Maid High Producer

David is not only a local farmer here in McFarland, Ca. but is a high producer for SunMaid Raisins that ship world wide. Through continuous hard work and dedication, David produced over 7 tons to the acre off of only 54 acres for 2 consecutive years running. 

Dried on the Vine Raisins 

By utilizing all the space available, David's dried on the vine raisins are not only stunning to look at in the field but have a marvelously sweet flavor that creates a delicious raisin that is truly locally grown. 

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